Duties of a PPN Representative

  • The job of a PPN Representative is to be the link between a committee and the membership of the PPN.
  • Representatives must engage in two way communication to and from the committee. This means that a Representative should be consulting with members before attending meetings and feeding back afterwards.
  • A Representative is elected for a fixed term to represent the issues of PPN members on a particular Board or Committee. Their election takes place according to procedures established by the PPN. A PPN Representative does not represent the group they are a member of, they represent the entire PPN and are guided by what is known as the ‘ Linkage Group ’ – that is the sub-set of members who have indicated that they are interested in the work of a specific board or committee.
  • Having PPN representation on a Board or Committee is a huge advantage. It enables the concerns and experiences of the community to be incorporated at an early stage of policy development, leading to more positive outcomes. It also supports the monitoring and evaluation of existing policies.
  • Representatives are provided with the Wexford PPN Reps Charter and agree to the role as set out.  Representatives must also sign and agree to abide by Wexford PPNs Code of Conduct.
  • View a copy of the Wexford PPN Representative Charter – January 2017 and the Code of Conduct – October 2019.