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Development of ‘Our Vision for Community Wellbeing’ 2019


In May 2019 we began the process of developing a Community Wellbeing Vision for County Wexford.  Working with our facilitator, Dr. Harriet Emerson, we undertook a range of consultations to develop the view.

Stage 1 – Wexford PPN held five community consultation workshops across County Wexford from 13 – 22 May 2019.

Stage 2 – After this phase, members were given the opportunity to add additional feedback through an online survey and additional face to face engagement (meeting and drop in sessions) which were held 25 June to 3 July 2019.

Stage 3 – Following all consultations, a draft vision was developed collaboratively with the facilitator and the PPN team using all the inputs received. This draft vision was issued to members on 19 July 2019 including an overarching vision and a vision by each of the Wellbeing domains or sub-headings that we used in the wellbeing vision consultations. Members were given until the end August 2019 for any comments or feedback. Final feedback was taken on board and the team overlaid the Sustainable Development Goals onto the draft vision. The Draft vision was approved by members in November 2019.

Vision Documents

Our Vision For Community Wellbeing – Final Brochure

Community Wellbeing Vision – Combined Workshop, Online & F2F Inputs and Final Vision – Dec 2019

Workplan & Budget Summary

Wexford PPN Workplan & Budget Summary 2019 for Members

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PPN Secretariat & Elected Reps February 2020

.Secretariat Meeting Minutes

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